Uploading a MS Word Merge Document to a Custom Field

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The document created when you click on the MS Word Merge button is "disconnected" from SmartSimple. If you wish to upload the document to SmartSimple you can use one of two techniques:

SmartDoc plug-in document uploading:


  • All Single File and Multiple File fields on the same level and any parent levels (Level 1 and or Level 2) will be available in the Value Stores To combo box.
i.e. if the MS Word Merge field is at Level 2, you will be shown all File fields on Level 2 and Level 1.
If all fields are being displayed rather than just file storage fields you should save the MS Word Merge Custom Field.

Once the MS Word Merge document has been generated as described above the user can edit the document and/or save it locally if desired.
Selecting the Upload Document button on the SmartDoc toolbar in MS Word will cause the document to uploaded to SmartSimple and attached to the designated field.

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