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A major feature of SmartSimple list views is that list view results can be exported to a Microsoft Word Mail Merge with the click of a button. This feature works in conjunction with the Special - MS Word Merge field type.

When this feature is enabled and configured, an Export button will be visible at the top of the list view and checkboxes will exist against each record:

ExportListView exportenabled.png

If the "Export" button is clicked, without any check-boxes populated against any records, then the user will be presented with an alert and will be unable to proceed.


When the "Export" button is clicked, with some or all records selected, then the user will be presented with a dropdown from which they will choose a Word Merge field.
ExportListView selectafileWord.PNG

Once your list view has been created and you have configured one or more Word Merge custom fields, take the following steps to enable exporting list view results to a Microsoft Word Mail Merge:

  1. Go to the list view configuration page.
  2. Click into the list view for which you wish to enable exporting.
  3. Click on the "Export" tab.
  4. Select the ExportListView enableexport.PNG option.
  5. Enter semicolon-delimited list of MS Word Merge field names (fieldname1;fieldname2;fieldname3) into the Field Names setting.
  6. Click the "Save" button.
  7. The Export button will now be enabled for your list view.

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