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Watch this video to get a general overview of the new features in our May 2013 upgrade.

To watch these videos full screen, click on the YouTube link

The following features were implemented as part of the upgrade cycle commencing in May 2013:


  • Report Interface - The format of the Report list view in the Report Management window has been upgraded to show icons in place of buttons as follows:
    • Run Report: NewRunReportIcon2.png
    • Edit Report: ReportEditIcon2.png
    • Copy Report: ReportCopyIcon.PNG
    • Internet Enabled: InternetEnabledIcon.PNG (if the report is not Internet Enabled, the icon will be grayed out: NotInternetEnabledIcon.PNG)
    • Custom Export: ReportCustomExportIcon.png (if the report is not enabled for Custom Export, the icon will be grayed out: ReportCustomExportNotEnabledIcon.png)
    • File Export: ReportFileExportIcon.png (if the report is not enabled for File Export, the icon will be grayed out: ReportFileExportNotEnabledIcon.png)
  • SmartFolders Interface - The format of the SmartFolders list interface has been updated. The InternetEnabledIcon.PNG icon will display to indicate that the SmartFolder is Internet Enabled.
  • New Sample Login Page Template - A new sample template for the login page is available in Global Settings > Login Screen Content.
  • New File Upload Format – A new HTML 5 format for the file upload feature on multiple file fields has been implemented. The new uploader obviates the need for a Java applet plug-in; end users are no longer required to install anything in order to upload multiple files. Note that HTML 5 is available on the following browsers:


  • No Duplicate Email - New Global Setting added captioned “No Duplicate Email - Do not allow multiple contact records with the same email address.” When selected, this setting will prevent a contact from updating an email address to an email address matching one already saved in the system.

Company/Contact Sign-Up Pages

  • Duplicate-Prevention Enhancement for Contact/Company sign-up pages: When the "Do not update profile for matching contact (or company)" option is selected, an additional setting on the Contact/Company Sign Up Page configuration screen will appear. This setting is captioned "Update Restriction Message" and the text entered in this setting will be presented in a Javascript alert box if details matching an existing contact/company are entered into the Contact/Company Sign Up page.

Standard/Custom Fields

  • New Field Type Added - Lookup – Ajax Options. The new Lookup – Ajax Options field type allows a system administrator to create their own Ajax lookup fields. The values in the field settings can be set with “store values” and “display values” using the same syntax as the Select One – Combo Box field type.
  • Global User and Company Custom Fields - New links added on Global Settings for Branch/Organization Custom Fields and Staff/Contact Custom Fields to show global custom fields for companies and contacts, whether or not they are internal or external.
  • Address Types – A new setting has been added to Global Settings under the Business & System Configuration heading to add multiple Address Types (such as “Home,” “Business,” etc.) to contact and company records.

List Views

Universal Tracking Application

  • Level 1 TemplatesLevel 1 Templates have been enhanced to include the ability to set “Access Roles” and “Creation Roles.”
  • Filter Owner Based on Organization – A new setting has been added at level 1 of the UTA Settings page to filter the selection of the Level 1 Owner and restrict the available owners to those contacts that reside under the Level 1 organization.

Variable Processor

  • New setting: SmartField View – This new feature within the custom field configuration page has been added to facilitate the building of Web Page Views and for user-defined printable data summaries.
A new variable, @SmartFields@, will return custom fields formatted as they are in view mode. This variable can simplify the configuration of printable Web Page View pages and applies existing security rules to all the custom fields—showing only those fields that are permissible—thus simulating the current view mode of the object contexted to the current user.
Selecting “Include” or “Only display for SmartField View” will include the custom field in the @SmartFields@ variable, which can be included in Web Page View fields to reference the selected custom fields. “Only display for SmartField View” will also hide the field from normal viewing. Choosing “Exclude” will prevent the field from being included in the @SmartFields@ variable.


  • Alert message for unsaved forms – In order to mitigate against users navigating away from certain forms without having saved their changes, a setting has been added under Global Settings > Business & System Configuration, which is captioned “Enable warning upon navigation from unsaved forms.” When selected, the user will be presented with a dialog box upon navigating away from an edited, unsaved form asking for confirmation for leaving the page.
This setting applies to the following types of records:
  • Company profiles;
  • Contact profiles;
  • Transactions;
  • Level One, Two and Three Objects;
  • XML pages; and
  • any "Tabs" on those objects.
  • Notes on Invoices - Notes can now be enabled for invoice records.

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