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Arcadia is a SmartSimple user interface introduced in 2013.

It functions as an overlay to the existing system, which can be switched on for certain roles or for all users.

It is designed so that any existing interface configurations will not be impacted.

This includes role-based access to different UTAs, with access to the UTAs still controlled by individual UTA settings.

Transition to Arcadia

As of November 2019, we will no longer offer the Classic Interface and all platforms will be transitioned to Arcadia. 

If you have any inquiries concerning this transition, please contaccft (see How the SmartSimple Support Desk Works) and include the Subject Line as Transition to Arcadia. 

Feature Illustrated

List View of Grants using Arcadia interface

Summary View of Grants using Arcadia interface

Individual Grant Record using Arcadia interface

General Overview

The overall goal of Arcadia is to attempt to reflect the scale of flexibility and functionality in the interface.

The ways that it aims to achieve this includes:

  • Make your information work harder so you don't have to
    • Cross-tabbed standard views with drill down options - allow users to immediately see the information that is useful or pertinent to them.
    • New metric (KPI) feature - present user with a figure or chart without the need to create a report.
    • Auto-mapping feature - show contact or organization information on a map.
    • Auto-linked reports
    • Easier to use
      • Less clicks to get where you want to go.
      • Simpler presentation of information
      • Broader use of export capabilities
      • Faster time to personalize