Adding Standard and Custom Fields to Level 1

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Adding the Standard fields for Level 1

In this article, you will choose from the built-in field lists for Level 1 and then add custom fields to complete the Level 1 Entity.

As standard fields can only be added through the UTA Settings - Entity page you need to access this page before you begin. There are a number of methods to access the UTA Settings pages.

1. On the Configuration Menu, click Tracking Applications.


2. Click the Edit button for the relevant application.

Alternatively, you can access the UTA Settings - Entity page from the application.

3. Click the Application name in the Application menu.

4. Click the Settings tab.

5. Click the Entity tab.

The UTA Settings - Entity page is displayed.

6. Click on the hyperlink for Standard Fields.


The Standard field list is displayed.


This page is used to determine which standard Level 1 Entity fields you wish to use in your application.

Selecting the Standard Fields for the Level 1 Entity

Next you will select and rename the standard fields that you will need to use for your application.

1. Set the standard fields as follows:

Standard Field Add Caption
Application Name Not Required
Application Template Type Type
Branch Branch
Close Date Not Required
Contacts Contract Contacts
Currency Currency
Customer Customer
Description Description
End Date To
End Time Not Required
Folders Not Required
Modified Date Last Updated
Owner Manager
Probability Not Required
Requirement Not Required
Revenue Not Required
Status Status
Start Date From
Start Time Not Required
Workflow Not Required

All other fields will be added as custom fields.

2. Click the Save button.

The standard fields required for Level 1 are now complete.

Adding Custom Fields to the Level 1 Entity

SmartSimple supports over 50 custom field types, which can be added to any entity within the system. For a full description of each field type see the Wiki category Custom Field Types.

1. Click the Settings tab.

2. Click the Custom Fields link.


The custom field window is displayed.


Adding Custom fields to the Level 1 Entity

1. Add the following fields:

Order Field Name Field Type Options
10. Contract Information Title Bar - Multiple Columns 2
20. Date Signed Text Box - Single Line Set validation to "Date"
30. Signed by Select One - Internal People n/a
40. Contract Duration Select One - Combo Box Select from List;Month to Month;90 Days;Annual;Two year;Three year
50. Contract Scan Link - Single File n/a

Once complete, the field list will look as follows:


Note that unique Custom Field IDs have been associated with your new custom fields.

These fields will be associated with all Level 1 items that you create in this application.

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