Overview of the Security Models

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A user’s access to all system resources such as file folders, discussions, calendars, applications, application manager permissions, notes, and reports is controlled through permissions.

You give a user permission to access a resource using either of the SmartSimple two security schemes:

  • Role Based Security – access is based on “roles” that you define and associate with each user. You give the role access to the resource and everyone with that role will have access, regardless of the organisation they are associated with.
  • Organisation Based Security – access is controlled based on the position of the user in the “organisation hierarchy”. You permission the organisation to access the resource, and all users in that organisation will have access to the resource.

You can use these schemes separately or together to control people’s access to any resource.

The user’s interface is also controlled by their role. Roles are used to control the menu items displayed to the user, or alternatively, to display a “portal view” to the user overriding the administrative interface.