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The term visibility has a specific meaning in the SmartSimple context. Visibility can refer to the ability for a given user to access records or interface elements in the system, and can also refer to the ability for a user to see specific fields on a record.

At the Record Level

There are several ways to determine whether or not a record will be visible for a given user. A key method in the context of a UTA is the Security Matrix.

At the Field Level

Standard and custom fields can have a visibility condition set which determines whether or not they are displayed on the page.

Visibility conditions can be set at the field level by a logical statement in the "Visibility Condition" setting within the field. Visibility of Custom Fields can also be controlled using:

Validation criteria, including if a field is set to be mandatory, will not be triggered if a field is not visible on the page. Browser scripts will not run if the field's visibility criteria are not met.