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Within the custom field/standard field settings, the checkbox "Mandatory" determines whether or not the field is treated as mandatory.


This checkbox is unchecked by default, meaning that they are not mandatory fields.

If a field is mandatory, and the object is saved or submitted with a blank value, the user will be prompted with the message entered into the Validation Message section of the custom field settings.

If the Validation Message is left blank, the text "X can not be empty." will be displayed in a pop-up, where X is the custom field's caption.

The captions of mandatory fields automatically have special formatting applied to them to indicate that the given field is mandatory.

You can set a custom field to appear as a mandatory field by selecting the "Appear Mandatory" setting in the custom field settings (does not apply to standard fields). This does not make the field mandatory, but the caption will have the special formatting applied to it. This setting is used in conjunction with the JavaScript Validation or SmartCheck Validation function in cases where customized validation is implemented on a field.


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