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How.png This article will explain how you can implement this feature for use on your SmartSimple system.
This feature uses JavaScript syntax
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In addition to the built-in Numeric, Alphabetic, Date and Allow Empty validations available on Custom Fields, users can also define their own validation or criteria for a custom field by creating a validation based on JavaScript syntax.

The JavaScript syntax can be entered into the JavaScript Validation field on the custom field settings page.

If SmartCheck is enabled, every reference to "frm.cf_fieldid.value" should be changed to;


To accept only certain values

>n or @value@>n

If @value@ is not found, the system will automatically put it at the very front of the validation criteria.


n is any number

> means greater than

< means less than

>= means greater than or equal to

<= means less than or equal to

== means equal to

!= means Not equal to


To have a custom field only accept values larger than 100, enter

>100 or @value@>100 in the Custom box.

To limit a date to the future



date is a date in the format "YYYY-MM-DD"


To limit the date to a future date greater than today


To limit the amount of characters that can be entered into a field



n is any number


To limit the number of characters in a field to 35 or less


To have a custom field only accept values in a range

@value@>n && @value@<n


n is any number

&& means "AND"

|| means "OR"

! means "Not"

() means brackets :-)


To have a custom field only accept values between 100 and 200, enter

" @value@>99 && @value@<201 "

To perform pattern matching


Where pattern is

L = Letter

N = Number

A = Alphanumeric


isEmptyOK is

True or False


To validate 9 digits SIN number, put this into the box


To allow only numbers and one other character



c is any character


To allow a field to contain only numbers and a semi-colon


To allow letters and a space

isAlphabetic(@value@,Allow Empty,Allow Space)


Allow Empty - true/false

Allow Space - true/false


To allow a field to contain only letters and a space


To allow only integers


To restrict a special character or a string


To check if a phone number of a certain format

isPhoneStr(@value@, "XXX-XXX-XXXX")

To validate proper Email Address


To validate against a different custom field

You can setup two fields (Amount Requested, Project Budget), and use the following to syntax to check the value entered on one of them against the other. Put this on the Amount Requested field to check if requested is more than the project budget


If SmartCheck is enabled, use the following instead;

form.getStr("cf_@Project") >= @ value@

To validate against a standard field

You can perform validation against standard fields as well. For example, to validate that the a Canadian postal code syntax should only be enforced for Canadian contacts, use:

document.frmuser.ucountry.value!="10" || isMatch(@value@,'LNL NLN',true)

The syntax is:

document.entity.standard field name.value


  • entity is frmuser for contact records and frmcompany for company records and
  • standard field name is the standard field name (see Variable List for field names)

To make a field conditionally mandatory

If you wish to make a field mandatory only if the value Yes is selected from a dropdown field, for example, use:

@value@!=="" || frm.cf_fieldid.value!="Yes"

in the JavaScript validation setting where:

When using this method, ensure that "Allow Empty" is selected for this field.

To make a Check Boxes field conditionally mandatory

If there is a check box field under a showhideheader and you wish to make this check box field mandatory only if the value Yes is selected from a Combo Box field, use the JavaScript below in the JavaScript Validation on the Check Boxes custom field:

isChkSelected(frm.cf_fieldid) || frm.cf_fieldid.value!="Yes"

In the JavaScript validation syntax where

1) isChkSelected(frm.cf_fieldid): this (frm.cf_fieldid) is the field id of the check box field to be made conditionally mandatory.
2) frm.cf_fieldid.value: this (frm.cf_fieldid) is the custom field ID of the Combo Box field that controls the visibility of the Check Boxes field.

For example:

  • A combo box field: Did your organization receive any financial assistance? (custom field id 545454)
* Options are Yes;No;

If yes is selected than they should answer a mandatory check box field. Which of the following types of financial assistance (custom field id 989898).

Include the following JavaScript Validation on the check box field:

isChkSelected(frm.cf_989898) || frm.cf_545454.value!="Yes"

When using this method, ensure that "Allow Empty" is selected for this field.

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