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This feature uses JavaScript syntax
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You can use savefunc to create a custom Browser Script that runs whenever a user clicks Save, Save Draft or Submit.


  • Create a Custom Field on the page of type: Custom Field Type: Special – Browser Script
  • Include a function in the Browser Script called savefunc that includes the JavaScript you wish to execute when the record is either saved or submitted.
  • The function must return either a value of true if the record should be saved/submitted; or false if the record should not be saved/submitted.
  • Standard and Custom Field validation is performed after this script is run, provided that the function has returned true. If the function returns false no further validation is performed and the record is not saved/submitted.

Example 1:

function savefunc(frm){
   do this
   do that
   return true

Example 2:

  • The following sample JavaScript function will prompt the user to confirm if they really want to save the record.
function savefunc(frm){
   var answer = confirm ("Do you really want to save this?")
   if (answer){
      alert ("Consider it done")
      return true
      alert ("Keep filling it in then")
      return false
  • The "return false" isn't strictly necessary. If the function does not return true then false is assumed.

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