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A Caption is the text used to identify a field.

For Custom Fields the Caption setting is used if you want to have a label for the field that is different than the field name. If the caption is not set, then the field name will be used as the caption. If you want the Caption to appear above the field instead of to the left of a custom field, select the "Label Above Field" option in the custom field settings.

  • Caption Location: Determines the location of the field caption. Options include: Left of Field, Above Field, No Caption, Hide Caption. Note: this option was previously called Label Display. (See examples here.)

If you are using a Layout - Title Bar Custom Field to define the number of columns, but don't want the actual Title Bar to appear, choose "Empty Title Bar" from the Caption Location option.

Note that the Caption setting is resizable, so when entering larger captions for a field, the entire caption can be seen.

Disambiguation - Status and Template Captions

Templates, Types and Statuses can be given captions as well. These captions will be used instead of the Template/Type/Status name when displayed to the end user.

Where the name of the Template/Type or Status is returned by the variable @type@ or @status@, the caption can be returned using the variable @typecaption@ or @statuscaption@.

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