Using Web Form Reports

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You will often wish to take the results of web forms and use the results as the basis for further analysis in a program other than SmartSimple.

In this article, you will review the built-in reports you can use to access Web Forms reports.

1. Click the Applications, Web Forms menu.

The Reports and Dashboards tab is displayed to the right of the Global Measures tab.


  • The Reports tab will give you access to any reports within SmartSimple that you have permission to view. A Web Forms tab within the reports will display the built-in reports specific to the Web Forms Application.
  • The Dashboards tab will give you access to any graphic dashboards that you have permission to view.

If you don’t see any reports or dashboard, then check with your system administrator, they may have forgotten to give you permission.

2. Click the Reports tab.


If you have Manager Permission for reports, then you will also have access to the New Report tab.

3. Click on Web Forms from the combo box.


The reports associated with Web Forms are displayed.


4. Review the description for each report.

5. Click the Web Form Results - Anonymous Forms link.

You are prompted to enter the report name.


6. Type % to indicate all Web Forms.

7. Click the View Report button.


The results are displayed in a separate browser window.


  • Anonymous forms are grouped by session ID. This number uniquely identifies each session.
  • Click on each column heading to sort by each column.

8. Close this window.

9. Review each of the other reports.