Using Contact Fields with Microsoft Outlook Synchronization

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Outlook Contact Fields vs. SmartSimple Fields

The following table shows how Outlook Contact fields are mapped to SmartSimple Contact fields.

SmartSimple Field Outlook Field
Contact First and Last Name Full Name
Contact Title Job Title
Company Address for the company associated with the contact. Business Address
  • Changing this field in Outlook will alter the company address in SmartSimple.
Contact Address Home Address
Company phone for the company associated with the contact. Business Phone
  • Changing this field in Outlook will alter the company phone number in SmartSimple.
Contact phone Home Phone
Contact Email Address Email Address
Custom fields and roles in SmartSimple No Equivalent in Outlook.
  • Use the SmartSimple Fields button to set these vales.

Setting a Custom Field Value

Once the folder has been synchronized for the first time, you can set custom field values for any contact or change their role to the extent that your SmartSimple role supports adding or changing roles.

  • Double click on any contact.

The contact window is displayed.


Note the SmartSimple Fields button.


  • Click the SmartSimple Fields button.

The SmartSimple Fields window is displayed.


The top pane of the window displays the contact roles and the bottom pane displays the fields associated with the selected role.

  • Double click on a field on the bottom pane to set its value.


The selection options and the validation types will be same as originally established in SmartSimple.

  • Click the OK button to save the new value.
  • Click the Save and Close button.


The contact record is updated and closed.

Reserved Fields in Outlook

The Outlook Synchronization feature uses three Outlook contact fields to store the custom contact and role information.

These fields are:

  • Contact InformationBilling
  • Miscellaneous fieldsUser1 and
  • Miscellaneous fieldsUser2.

You should not use these fields for other purposes. If you do, any information that you enter will be overwritten the next time you synchronize with SmartSimple.