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The SmartSimple Microsoft Outlook Synchronization tool provides the following features:

  • Maintenance of contact and company information in Outlook or SmartSimple. Note: only companies and their associated contacts, where the company "ownership" is set to the current SmartSimple user, will be synchronized.
  • Maintenance of your personal calendar in Outlook or SmartSimple.
  • This feature also supports notes for each calendar entry and the use of any custom calendar fields defined in SmartSimple. Notes can be created in Outlook or SmartSimple.
  • If you are using the SmartSimple Applicant Tracking system, you can synchronize applicant information including applicant resumes.

The steps to be taken to configure this add-in are spelled out in the following articles:

  1. SmartSimple Microsoft Outlook Synchronization - Initial Setup
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  4. Configuring Settings for the SmartSimple Outlook Synchronization Add-In
  5. Setting up a SmartSimple Enabled Calendar or Contact List in Outlook
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  7. SmartSimple Microsoft Outlook Synchronization - Troubleshooting