Configuring Settings for the SmartSimple Outlook Synchronization Add-In

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The following instructions show you how to set user information for the SmartSimple Outlook Synchronization Add-In.

Configuring the Add-In

You only need to set these values the first time you use the Synchronization tool.

  • Click the SmartSimple Settings button.

The SmartSimple Settings Options are displayed.


  • Enter your username, password, company alias and URL.
  • If your organization uses the "Enable SSL" setting, check the SSL box. (Your SmartSimple URL will start with "https:" if SSL is used.)


  • Click the Verify button to validate the setting.
  • Click the OK button.

If any of the values are incorrect the following message will be displayed on the Settings page.


Configuring Outlook

Creating a New Outlook Folder

Displaying the Outlook folder list before you create the folder makes it easier to see where the folder will be created.

  • If the folder list is not displayed, choose the View Folder List menu.


  • Select the level where you wish to add the new folder.
  • Choose the File, New Folder menu.


  • Type a folder name – be sure to include the word "smartsimple".


  • Set the folder type to either Appointment items (for Calendar Synchronization) or Contact items (for Contact Synchronization).


  • Click the Ok button.


The folder icon will indicate either contacts or appointments.

Creating a Shortcut on your Outlook Sidebar

You can drag the folder name to the Outlook sidebar to create a shortcut. This will make it easier to locate the folder in the future.

  • Drag the Folder name to the required location on the Outlook sidebar.


You can repeat the folder creation process with a new calendar folder.


Once complete you can use the View Folder List menu to hide the folder list.

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