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UTA Roles are roles that can be assigned to contacts when they are assigned to a record in a Universal Tracking Application™.


In the example above, Teresa Clarke is assigned to this specific record in the UTA Role of "Manager."

Teresa's contact profile need not have been assigned the role of "Manager" in order for her to play the role of a Manager in the context of this specific UTA record.

UTA Roles can be used to manage permissions for visibility and editorship of specific records, by using the "Assigned" feature of the Security Matrix.

User Roles can be defined as "UTA Roles Only" on the edit page of the role from the Roles & Permissions page. This means that the role will not be able to be assigned to a contact's profile, but will be able to be selected as a role when a contact is assigned to a UTA record.

The roles that are available in the dropdown list upon assigning a contact to a record are defined in the Contact Assignment Role Settings section of the Security tab of the UTA Settings Page.

Individual contacts can be added to a UTA record with multiple roles, though only once per UTA object per role. See also Contact Restriction.

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