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The System Configuration section of the Global Settings page contains links to the following configuration pages:

The following options are also displayed:

  • Activate SmartCheck Validation - See SmartCheck Validation for more information on this feature.
  • Enable Multiple Address - See Address Types for more information on this feature.
  • Enable Field Translation Service - allows for language translation of data entered into text fields, achieved by integration with Google Translate
  • Enable Google Drive Lookup for File Fields - Allow to upload files from Google Drive for any File Upload custom fields (Please contact Support when first enabling this feature)
  • Enable Online Editing – provides users with the ability to open, edit, and save edited files to SmartSimple. This feature is used in conjunction with a desktop plug-in that must be downloaded and installed in any workstation where you wish to use this feature. See Online File Editing.
  • Enable warning upon navigation from unsaved forms - users will be presented with a dialog box asking for confirmation to leave the page upon navigating away from an edited, unsaved record.
  • Disable All Workflows - ability to disable re-enable all workflows from triggering. This can be used when importing or batch updating records and don't want workflows and notifications to trigger.