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SmartSimple provides for basic language translation of data entered into text fields.

  • This feature only works for Plain Text fields and does not work for Rich Text Fields.
  • The translation provided should be considered as a "working" translation only and not suitable for uses where you need a high quality translation.
  • This feature is supported through the integration with Google Translate services.

Globally Enabling the Translate Feature

The feature will need to be switched on in the Global Settings.

Enable field translation2017.png

Enabling the Translate feature for a specific field

You activate the "Enable Translation Service" setting for each custom field that you may wish to translate.

Custom field translation.png

When users moves their cursor over the caption for any field where Translate is enabled, the "Translate" icon will be displayed.

Hover translate.png

Clicking the "Translate" button display the translate screen. This window provides the following options:

  • Translate the text contained in the custom field into a wide variety of languages.
  • Save the results of the translation to another custom field.


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