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Notes Overview

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Notes can then further be made available against the individual entities (e.g. [[UTA]]s, organizations, [[User|users]], calendars etc) in the system using [[Advanced Logic]]. 
====Creating a New Note Type====
Before permissioning notes by roles, you must create a new Note Type and permission that Type specifically. 
1. Click the 9-square menu icon on the top right of your page.
||'''Color Code'''
An optional color code that will appear for this Note Type when it is displayed.  '''Tip: '''Setting a color code is a good idea as it can help you keep track of which users are leaving notes, and what types of notes are being left. |-||'''Lock on Type'''||Toggling on this option will make the note that is created under this type become locked under this type; its Note Type cannot be changed.
||'''High Visibility'''||The high visibility feature allows the note created under this Note Type to always appear at the top of a record's main page in yellow; this ensures that the content of the note will be seen and addressed by the user. The high visibility feature is particularly useful for issues of urgency - e.g. ''DO NOT FUND''. 
* Name - After filling in the name fields for the notes. This name will also function as general information of the caption unless the caption is set.<br />* Description - Any comments or notes you wish to includenew Note Type, click '''Save. '''  ====Setting Permissions of a Note: These donType====The second tab titled '''Permissions and Availability'''t manifest anywhere except on this page.<br />* Display Order - Determines the order in which the notes will be displayed in the Notes drop-down list.<br />* Caption - An alternative caption allow you to permission the name. If a caption Note Type so that is set it will be displayed rather than the nameavailable, viewable, and editable only by certain roles that you choose.<br />* Color Code - An optional color code for the note type when displayed.<br />* Workflow - A  :: [[workflow]] connected to this templateFile:Note types permissions. See [[Enabling Workflows in the UTA]].<br />* [[No Update - Notespng|600px|Disable Update]] - With this box selected, once a note is added to the file it cannot be changed or deleted.<br />* [[Notes Optionsborder]] - User can select initial content for a note instead of typing in the content. These hard-coded options are separated by a semi-colon.  
==Configuration - Advanced==

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