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Notes Overview

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After filling in the fields for the general information of the new Note Type, click '''Save.'''
====Setting Permissions of a Note Type====
The second tab titled '''Permissions and Availability''' will allow you to permission the Note Type so that is available, viewable, and editable only by certain roles that you choose.
:: [[File:Note types permissions.png|600px|border]]
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||'''View & Create'''
||Select which [[User role|user roles]] will have the ability to both view and create this Note Type.
||'''View Only'''
||Select which role(s) will have the ability to ''only'' view this Note Type - this role should be those who are most appropriate to be the receivers of this kind of note.
||'''Deny View & Create'''
Select which role(s) will be denied the ability to either view or create this Note Type. This role should be those who will never need to see this kind of note. 
'''Remember: '''Do not put the same role in both '''View & Create '''and '''Deny View & Create. '''The system will default to the minimum level of access, therefore denying this role any ability to either view or create this Note Type. 
||'''Note Type Change'''
||'''Early Restriction'''
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==Configuration - Advanced==

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