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Notes Overview

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* Name - the name for the notes. This name will also function as the caption unless the caption is set.<br />* Description - Any comments or notes you wish to include. Note: These don't manifest anywhere except on this page.<br />* Display Order - Determines the order in which the notes will be displayed in the Notes drop-down list.<br />* Caption - An alternative caption to the name. If a caption is set it will be displayed rather than the name.<br />* Color Code - An optional color code for the note type when displayed.<br />* Workflow - A [[workflow]] connected to this template. See [[Enabling Workflows in the UTA]].<br />* [[No Update - Notes|Disable Update]] - With this box selected, once a note is added to the file it cannot be changed or deleted.<br />* [[Notes Options]] - User can select initial content for a note instead of typing in the content. These hard-coded options are separated by a semi-colon.

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