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The root organization is created when a copy of SmartSimple is initially activated and the first System Administrator is associated with this organization. Since the root organization is the first organization in the hierarchy, and is neither internal nor external, it will appear at the root of both the internal and external organization hierarchy, representing the instance. The root organization should not have signup pages created to it; rather, it should have sub-internal and sub-external entities based on client requirements.

How to Find the Root Organization

1. Click the 9-square icon on the top right of the homepage to access your menu.
052919 MenuIcon.png
2. Under Organizations, select Organization Hierarchy.
052919 EF OrgHierarchy.png
3. The current organization hierarchy and users are displayed. The root organization is the first organization listed.
052919 EF Root.png

The first tab of your organization hierarchy lists Internal contacts, while the second tab lists External contacts. In the above example, the internal hierarchy is titled Branch and the external hierarchy is titled Organization. The organization terminology is variable depending on the SmartSimple instance; however, the root organization will always appear first on both the internal and external lists. 


Below is an example of an internal hierarchy: 

  • It is helpful to have an internal organization associated with all System Administrator; this way, you have a clear visual of exactly who is able to have high levels of access to change and modify your SmartSimple instance 
  • The System Administrator and Staff folders are both indicative of organizations internal to the root organization 

Below is an example of an external hierarchy.: 

  • Externalhierarchy.png
    • Note that organizations named as External Reviewers or External Individuals is indicative of organizations external to the root organization 

Best practice is to define sub-branches of your root organization to appropriately and easily categorize users.

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