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The following features were implemented as part of the upgrade cycle which commenced on July 30th 2009.

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UTA Enhancements

Level 1 Submit Button Script

  • Allows you to define a script that is run when the Submit button is pressed. The normal Submit button functions are not executed (validation and status change).
  • This will allow you to create a Browser Script that will perform custom validation of the data on the page, and can then optionally change the status or execute the submit function as part of the script.

Level 2 and Level 3 Submitted URL

  • When the Submit button is pressed for a given Status, instead of remaining on the view of the current record the user will be redirected to the URL defined in this section. If no URL is entered the current record will stay in view.
  • This was introduced for Level 1 in the last upgrade, and now has expanded to include Level 2 and Level 3.

Level 2 Type Tab Label

  • Currently you can configure Level 2 Types to be shown on their own tab in the list view at the bottom of Level 1 records, with each tab labelled with the name of the Level 2 Type it contains.
  • Following this upgrade you will be able to define the tab name for any Types that you wish to have on tabs. If you use the same tab name for multiple Types they will appear on the same tab, allowing you to group related Level 2 Types.

Skills Matching Template

  • There are now 2 different types of Level 1 Templates available. In addition to the Standard Template there is now a Skills Matching Template.
  • The Skills Matching Template allows you to define a set of skills that are related to a particular Level 1 record. In the Contact section of that record a Skills Match button will appear which will allow you to find contacts that have the relevant skills defined for that entity.
  • For example, if the Level 1 record is a funding application for a project researching whale migration patterns you may want to assign reviewers with skills in oceanography, marine biology and meteorology.

Advanced Logic to Suppress Contact Hyperlinks

  • Using Advanced Logic you are now able to suppress the Contacts hyperlink at Level 1.
  • This allows you to define criteria to prevent UTA users from clicking into and viewing the contact record for contacts associated with a Level 1 record.


Contact and Account Standard Field Terminology

  • You will be able to define your own names for the standard Company and Account fields via the Global Settings page.
  • Visibility Conditions will also be implemented on the Company and Account Standard Fields to allow control of these using logic, and any fields you don't wish to use can be removed.

MS Outlook Contact Synchronization

  • Previously only contact owners were able to synchronize contacts using MS Outlook. We are introducing a new manager permission that will allow users to synchronize contacts for which they are not the owner.
  • If this manager permission is enabled, a new section will appear on the user's System Settings page that will allow them to select the contact roles they wish to include in the synchronization.


Field ID Variable

  • It is now possible to reference the field ID of Custom Fields using a variable rather than the actual field ID. The syntax is @fieldname.ID@
  • This will allow you to write Browser Scripts without looking up field numbers, as well as making it easy to identify which field is being referenced. When exporting Custom Fields this will also allow you to avoid having to change the field IDs in exported Browser Scripts.
  • If you have fields with the same name (on different Templates or Types) you will still have to use the fieldid, since that is the only way to differentiate fields with identical names.