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When creating a Level 1 Templates there are two different Template styles to choose from:

  1. The Standard Template
  2. The Skills Matching Template.
  • The Skills Matching Template allows you to define a set of skills that are related to a particular Level 1 record.
  • In the Contact section of that record a Skills Match button will appear which will allow you to find contacts that have the relevant skills defined for that entity.
  • For example, if the Level 1 record is a funding application for a project researching whale migration patterns you may want to assign reviewers with skills in oceanography, marine biology and meteorology.

Using a Skills Matching Template

Once it has been enabled you will be able to:

Select which skills you want to use within this UTA

This can be done using the Skills link on the UTA Settings - Main Page of your UTA.

  • The skills relevant to this UTA should be enabled by selecting the box next to each, then saving the page.
  • All skills that have been configured within Applicant Tracking (if enabled) will be shown on this page. To add to the Skill set available to the UTA you should follow the Create Skills link on the UTA Settings - Main Page.
Note: the term Skills may have been renamed in your UTA.

Defining Skills on a Level 1 Record

When a Level 1 record has been created a Skills tab will appear on the navigation bar.

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