Previous Upgrade: February 2013

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The following features were implemented as part of the upgrade cycle commencing in February 2013:

Universal Tracking Application

  • New caption setting introduced for the configuration of type/status of objects, allowing you to change the default display name of a type/status. New variables @statuscaption@ and @typecaption@ have been introduced to retrieve these captions.
  • New language translation setting introduced for the configuration of types and statuses for the UTA at Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. New variables @type_lang@ and @status_lang@ introduced to retrieve the relevant translation based on the current user.
  • New field visibility matrix introduced allowing you to configure a complex combination of view/edit permissions for custom fields based on user roles and UTA statuses in bulk.
  • Enhanced the UTA batch update feature to open directly off your current list view results instead of directing to a separate search page.
  • Enhanced the UTA batch update feature with the ability to update multiple contacts/group for UTA Level 1.

Variable Processor

  • New variable @sstimezone@ allows you to retrieve the user's timezone setting which can then be used to calculate their relative date/time.

Standard and Custom Fields



  • Enhanced PubMed service with the additional ability to search on publication date.
  • Introduced integration with GuideStar service and ability to search their database.