Newsletter February 2004 Issue 2

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New Features For Everyone

  • Enhanced Report Functionality - the report management area within SmartSimple - ONE has been enhanced to enable even more flexibility and options when gathering metrics on your data. A new Report Builder tab has been included that provides a new streamlined interface. You will now also be able to rename report columns to better represent the data you are presenting. You are now able to perform common functions, expressions and sorting on the data you are presenting that will allow you to obtain key metrics on the performance of your business. Along with new reporting functionality we have included the ability to present the data from these reports into chart and graph representations!
  • Dashboard Feature - our new Dashboard feature allows you to create your own personal heads-up display of any charts, graphs or performance dials. You can also set your homepage to display your own personal dashboard. This is a great way to get real-time statistics on the metrics that you need to know pertaining to your business. All of the information you need from sales revenues, applicants placed, assessments taken or any other information that you need to keep track of can now be presented in a snapshot view - all in one place.
  • Download Add-Ins - the Help, Downloads menu now gives access to the Microsoft Excel Add-In and Smart Documents (Template Builder for MS Word) features. These applications can be downloaded to your computer giving you access to SmartSimple from other applications. Remember to download and read the instruction PDF files!
  • Job Tracking Application - You will now find a new application available for use in conjunction with the Applicant Tracking application. Job Tracking enables you to manage and track jobs available within your organization with the ability to directly search, validate and assign applicants to these positions. Job Tracking will give you the opportunity to track and measure your hiring processes from the time an applicant applies to a position to the time they are hired!

If you cannot see either of these features be sure to get your SmartSimple Administrator to switch them on.

Enhancements to Existing Features

  • New search criteria available. You can now perform date searches on Opportunities, Referrals, Jobs, and Cases within their respective applications. There is also a new "Search All" function available within the Applicant Tracking application. This function allows you to make key-word searches across ALL FIELDS within an applicant's profile. For example, you can now make an open ended search to show applicants within the database that contain the word "SmartSimple" or "Human Resources", regardless of what field the word(s) are found.
  • Custom Fields for Discussions - you can now add custom fields to discussion groups created within SmartSimple


Our Toronto classroom is fully operational and courses are scheduled between now and October, 2008.

Click on the links below to see the course outlines and 2008 training schedule. Please contact if you would like to register.

Training Course Outlines

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