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The Holiday Calendar is a SmartSimple calendar that stores dates designated by your organization as holidays. It can be used in conjunction with formulas to perform calculations on and adjust date fields so that your organization's holidays are taken into account when a certain number of business days are added or subtracted from a date.

Setting the Holiday Calendar

  1. Create a new Calendar
  2. Create Events in the Calendar with the Event Type of "Holiday" on the dates you wish to indicate as statutory holidays.
  3. In Global Settings, under the Business & System Configuration header, select the calendar you have created from the drop-down box.

The following formulas, which will take into account the holidays you have configured, can now be used:

  • Adding business days to a given date: SS_FUNC.addbusdays(DATE, BUSINESSDAYS)
  • Counting the number of business days between two dates: SS_FUNC.countbusdays(FIRSTDATE, SECONDDATE)

Holiday Calendars in Workflows

Holiday Calendars can also be specified on Workflows. The setting to choose a specific Holiday Calendar to be used for a given Workflow is in the Workflow Connector. See Workflow Triggers on Dates for additional information on this feature.

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