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Online document signing is available to SmartSimple clients.

This feature allows electronic documents stored and/or generated by the system to be signed and authorized by signees virtually. Also called e-signature, esignature, online signature, and electronic signature; this feature may be useful in further automating your business processes.

With electronic signature, SmartSimple clients can send, sign, and collect signatures right from within their SmartSimple system. This information is captured and stored digitally, without the use of pens, paper, faxing or scanning.

Features include:

  • Send documents to one or multiple recipients
  • Setup signing authority order
  • Recipients can sign the document from within the any modern browser
  • Signed documents can be stored within the system for archive purposes
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Workflow attached and triggered
  • Data is secure with 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Complete audit trail maintained
  • Complies with international e-signature laws
  • Legally binding

Use cases include approved grantees, executive changes, approvals to release funds, acknowledgment of receipt of case files, and more.Using e-signature within your system can increase your efficiency, speed, and transparency, while reducing the use of paper.

Current e-signature partners: