Completing a Web Form Internally and Viewing the Results

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Web forms can be completed internally by subscribing all users to the application.

If the users are subscribed, but do not have a manager role with this application, they will only be able to complete forms. They will not be able to create forms or see results.

1. Open a new browser window.

Don’t use the File New menu in your browser to create a new window if you want to log in as a different user. The user session settings from the current session will be carried into the new session, and the system will be confused as to who is logged in.

2. Login as a user, without manager permission to Web forms.

3. Choose the Applications, Web Forms menu.

The list of Web forms is displayed.


The Edit and View results buttons are not available to this user.

4. Click the Fill Form button.


The form is displayed in its own window.


5. Complete the Web Form.

6. Switch to your original session.

Reviewing Web Form Results

When a user completes a Web form within SmartSimple, you can review the results of the form by using the Web form application or the user details.

1. Choose the Applications, Web Forms menu.

The web form list is displayed.


  • The Edit button is enabled, as you are in a role with manager permission for Web forms.
  • The number of respondents is set to 1.

2. Click the Edit button followed by the Results button.

The Web form menu is displayed.


3. Click the Results Individual tab.


The individual results are displayed.