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You can use the ssattach function to append one or more PDF documents stored in either a Single File Field or Smart Folder to a Web Page View Field.

Note: The attached PDF file(s) will not be visible when viewing the web page in HTML mode, but will be appended when exported as a PDF, saved as a PDF, emailed as PDF or created by a Workflow as attachment.


To attach a PDF file to the beginning or the end of the Web Page View:

<!--@ssattach(position;pdf file location)-->


  • position is either before or after.
  • pdf file location is:
File Source Syntax Comments
Smart Folder /files/folder1/folder2/File_Name.pdf To obtain select View URL from the File Options combo box next to the relevant file in the Smart Folder.

The first part of the URL should be omitted: the location specified should begin with "/files/..." as in the examples below.

Single File Custom Field @Custom Field Name.value@
Multiple Files Custom Field @Custom Field Name.files@ All PDF files stored in field will be attached.


  • Single or Multiple file fields on parent/grandparent levels can also be included using:
  • @parent.Custom Field Name.value@, @parent.parent.Custom Field Name.files@, etc.


<!--@ssattach(before;/files/1234/123/myfile.pdf )-->

<!--@ssattach(after;/files/1234/123/myfile.pdf )-->

  • Note: Don't forget to include .value


Where 123456 is the Custom Field ID

  • Attach PDF files to a Level 1 Web Page View from the organization Custom Fields associated as the Customer on the Level 1 record:

Where UploadFieldName is the field name of the multi-file upload custom field on the organization record

Additional Information

  • IMPORTANT Any PDF files that have security restriction in place such as Content Copying or Content Copying or Extraction have been encrypted and cannot be included.
The settings can be viewed by opening the PDF and clicking File > Document Properties > Security (steps may vary depending on the version of your PDF reader)
See also: Display Additional File Attributes for PDF Documents
  • The ssattach function can be placed anywhere inside the Web Page View Field
  • All PDF page settings will driven by the first PDF document file, whether it is a static file or one generated by SmartSimple
  • Multiple PDF files can be attached from different sources by using multiple ssattach statements:
<!--@ssattach(before;/files/1234/123/myfileheader.pdf )--><!--@ssattach(after;/files/1234/123/myfilefooter.pdf )-->
<!--@ssattach(after;/files/1234/123/myfileappendix.pdf )-->
  My Pdf file
  • sslogic can be used if the PDF file(s) to be attached needs to be varied using conditional statements:

Attaching a file from a transaction to a Level 1 Web Page View, use:

@client.[#(?object=transaction::criteria=typename="Transaction Name" and statusname="Submitted"::orderby=trsts desc)


@client.[#(?object=transaction::criteria=typename="Audited Financial Statements" and statusname="Submitted"::orderby=trsts desc)
<!--@ssattach(after;$Recent Audited Financial statements.value$)-->#]@

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