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Web Page View fields can use a unique SmartSimple logic interpreter. Web page logic gives you the ability to display certain content or perform certain actions only when specified conditions are met. SmartSimple logic uses the following syntax:

   The content to be displayed when condition is true.
   This can be more than one line.
  • The content to be displayed (the middle line) can either be in plaintext or in HTML.
  • Be sure there are quotes (single or double) around the variable and value. Note: Your choice in the use of quotes depends on the variable's contents. E.g. names containing apostrophes should use double quotes when referencing that variable.
  • SSlogic does not support nested logic statements. In other words, you cannot put an sslogic statement within another sslogic statement.
  • NOTE: You cannot use sscalculation syntax within an sslogic statement. The sslogic syntax will manage the calculating. It does not require additional syntax prompts.


  • The following will display a Christmas tree image if the month is December:
   <img src="images/xmasstree.jpg" alt="" />
  • Precede the equal sign with an exclamation point to test for Not Equal
  • The following will display a message for all provinces except Ontario:
   You are outside of Ontario

Else Logic

  • Often, you will want to display one of two texts--one text in the case that a condition is met and another in the case that the condition is not met. This is achieved through the use of an "else" operator.
  • The following sample code will display one message if a user is male and another if the user is female:
  Person is an adult.
  Person is a minor.
  • The following will display 2 check boxes. If the gender is male the first check box (Male) will be ticked. If the gender is female the second check box will be ticked:
   <input checked="checked" type="checkbox" /> Adult
   <input type="checkbox" /> Minor
   <input type="checkbox" /> Adult
   <input checked="checked" type="checkbox" /> Minor

Multiple Options ("else if" syntax):

You can use multiple "else if" operators if there are more than just 2 options:

<!--@sslogic(condition 1)-->aaa
 <!--@else if(condition 2)-->bbb 
              <!--@else if(condition 3)-->ccc 


  This will happen for certain.
<!--@else if("@possibility@"="No")-->
  This is not happening. 
<!--@else if("@possibility@"="Maybe")-->
  This may or may not happen.
  No-one knows what will happen.

Multiple Conditions

  • You can include more than one condition:
<!--@sslogic('@year@'='2008' AND  ('@month@'='1' OR '@month@'='2'))-->
   This is only displayed if the year is 2008 and the month is either Jan or Feb.

Fields Storing Single Quotes or Double Quotes

  • SSlogic can be used to display fields that may have single quotes or double quotes stored within them.
  • The escape[] function is used to achieve this:
<!--@sslogic('escape[@Field Name@]'!='')-->
  • NOTE: You must wrap the function using single quotes

Using Object Lists

  • Object Lists can also be used in SSlogic.
   There is at least one Supervisor
   There are no Supervisors

Using With SSattach

  • SSlogic can be used to determine which pdf file is appended to the Web Page View using ssattach
  • The following example will attach myfilefooter.pdf if the Type/Template is Contract, and myotherfilefooter.pdf if not:
     <!--@ssattach(after;/files/1234/123/myotherfilefooter.pdf )-->
Note: ssattach can be used without sslogic if you want the same pdf file attached to the Web Page View in all cases.


  • SSlogic can be used in workflow e-mails at Level 1 only.
  • In general, double quotes (") should be used to enclose variables rather than single quotes ('). If the content includes an apostrophe (equivalent to a single quote) it will disrupt the processing. Double quotes are less common as content. You may want to add an onchange to the source field to prevent entry of double quotes.

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