Why does SmartSimple use J2SDK rather than J2EE?

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To understand why we use J2SDK it is important to understand the differences between these two development frameworks:

The J2SDK environment provides programmatic functionality required to build server (Java Beans) and client side components.

This is the framework used by SmartSimple.

The J2EE environment provides additional functionality in the form of pre-built server side components (Java Beans) that support objects such as authentication and session management.

One additional important feature of this environment is its ability to remotely instance a class - this feature is fundamental in a distributed server environment.

SmartSimple does not use the J2EE environment for the following reasons:

SmartSimple has its own Java Beans that support the same functionality as the enterprise beans within the J2EE environment. So these beans are of no value to the system.

We do not organise our servers in a manner that requires remote activation of classes.

The J2EE environment would be an additional overhead on the server without any additional functionality.

That being said the system can run successfully in a J2EE environment - if this is a mandatory requirement for a specific customer.