Why am I not able to submit to HCAI via SmartSimple?

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Q: Why am I not able to submit to HCAI via SmartSimple?

A: There are many reasons for not being able to submit to HCAI.

Examples include (see text in Response section of log):

This document must have at least one injury or sequelae code.

This message indicates that the value in this field may be empty. You should try to re-save the record and re-submit to HCAI.

The Goods and Services Quantity is not formatted correctly. Please verify that the format is "9999999.99".

The data stored in the field is not the correct format for submission. E.g. The field may only be accepting numeric values, so having additional characters alpha or otherwise, will create an error.

Provider Reference must be provided.

The provider in your system does not have a valid ID number, or the value has been left blank. Please double check that the data is correct.

The user specified in the NeCST message is not authorized to perform the requested operation(s).

The account you are using to access HCAI is not registered for PMS Integration.

"Invitation Submitted to Gateway" status is not changing."

The process has likely stalled. Please contact SmartSimple Support (support@smartsimple.com) to ensure that the account accessing the gateway is configured properly.

"A valid date of service must be provided. The date of service must lie on or before the provider end date."

The provider's period of time registered against a facility has expired.

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