Registration with HCAI

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This activity must be performed by the client using the SmartSimple Practice Management system wishing to use the HCAI integration process.

1. Client must subscribe directly to HCAI. For more information visit:

2. Client must get two usernames and passwords from HCAI: one for the web access and one for automated integration.

3. Client must register their company as an HCAI facility and get a facility ID. This process must be completed for each facility.

4. Client must also get an insurer ID from HCAI.

5. Client logs into the HCAI web interface and enters all service providers and their occupation codes. HCAI will provide an ID number for each service provider.

6. Client logs into SmartSimple and enters each service provider details and the ID numbers (as provided by HCAI). Each HCAI service provider ID number is stored in a role based custom field.