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Ambox warning pn.png This article is deprecated and the information contained within may no longer be correct.

Using Instant Messaging

You can also send stored messages to people within your copy of SmartSimple.

  • You can access Instant Messaging under the Communication category.
  • These messages are stored in the recipient’s inbox, and are also displayed in the sender’s Instant Message outbox.
  • You can send an Instant Message to someone that is currently online by clicking on his or her name in the People Online list.
  • If the person is not online then you can click on the Open Message Center icon for that person in the Organization Hierarchy, in the internal list or external contacts list.

Sending Instant Messages

1. Click on a username in the People Online list.

The Instant Message window is displayed.

The username is set to the name selected from the People Online list.

You can switch an Instant message to an email message by clicking the Switch to Email button – provided you have previously set up an email account.


2. Type the Subject.

3. Type the Message Body.

Instant Message – In and Out Box

The message is sent, and a copy is stored in your outbox. You will know when a message is read by reviewing your outbox.

1. Click the Communications, Instant Messages menu.

The inbox is displayed.

Note the button at the top of the page displays your Sent items.

Replying to Instant Messages

There are a number of indications that a message has arrived:

  • The message alert is displayed below the People Online list.
  • The message is displayed in your inbox with a New Item icon.

Navigating and Managing Message Information

At the top and bottom of the message list the navigation controls are displayed.


The Inbox also displays the Delete button and the Select/Deselect check boxes.


1. Click the Select All check box.

All the messages are selected.

2. Click the Delete button.

All messages are deleted.

Terminate User Session

Global User Administrators have the ability to immediately disconnect a logged in user through the Instant Messaging application.
See Terminate User Session