Subscribing to On-Demand Applications

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On-Demand Applications Overview

SmartSimple on-demand applications solve many day-to-day business problems such as Sales Tracking, Applicant Tracking, Job costing, Time and Expense tracking, E-mail broadcasting and Web forms.

All SmartSimple on-demand applications have the following characteristics:

  • No Installation Required – the Global User Administrator selects the required applications and the organisation that requires access to those programs. The applications are immediately available to people in that organisation.
  • Extendable – if the built-in fields used in the application do not address your specific business needs, then you can add custom fields to the application unique to your requirements.
  • Workflow Enabled – the Global User Administrator can define how the information gathered by the program should be processed through workflows.

Application Subscription Scope

The scope of an application subscription is determined by where the subscription is activated in the organisation hierarchy.

Selecting a different level of the hierarchy will make the application available to more or fewer entities.

  • If you are in the internal hierarchy you can subscribe internal organisations – your customers and partners.
  • If you are in the external hierarchy you can subscribe external organisations – your customers and partners.
  • If the root organisation is selected (as in this case) the application can be made available globally to all internal sub-organisations, or just the root organisation.
  • If a sub-organisation is selected, the application can be made available to all sub-organisations under that organisation, or just the sub-organisation.

A local Organisation Administrator can manage the lower level subscription process but they will only be able to subscribe their organisation to applications that you have subscribed to at the root level.

1. Click on the Organisation, Internal User menu.

2. Click the root organisation name.

The root organisation details are displayed.

3. Click the Settings, Applications menu.

The Application Subscription window is displayed.


4. Select the required application.

5. Scroll to the bottom of this window.

The Update options are displayed.


These options determine the scope of the subscription.

6. Click the Subscribe applications to this company and all related sub-companies option button.

This option permissions all internal organisations to access these applications.

7. Click the Save button.

Note: Any companies that are created after this has been executed will not be subscribed to the applications, even if they are created within the part of the hierarchy selected above.