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General Overview

The ssGet variable is used to extract information from a number of databases.  These include:

The syntax for the ssGet variable varies by the database from which information is being returned.

Configuration - Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)


On-request checks can be made against the OFAC's online database within SmartSimple. For example, on an organization profile, a Web_Page_View_Field can be configured that exposes the following check results:


In the above illustration, the OFAC check has returned one 100% match result on the company name, and no results on the attached contacts. The syntax for configuring the OFAC check is as follows:

@ssGet(OFAC,entity;;firstname;;lastname;;search options;;roleslist;;meta template;;line template)@

Settings Explained - Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

Setting Description                
Entity accepts "people", "company" or "all"
firstname an individual's first name or company name
lastname an individual's last name (will be ignored if entity is "company" or "all")
search options accepts "1", "2" or "3"
  • 1 - search current object only (when "entity" is set to "people" or "company")
  • 2 - search people underneath (when "entity" is set to "company" only)
  • 3 - search current object and people underneath (when "entity" is set to "company" only)
rolelist applies if "search options" is set to "2" or "3". Should be in format of comma-delimited role ids or role names (but not ids mixed with names).
meta template Template of how "header" of results will be returned. Default template will be used if empty.

variables that can be used include:

  • [[entity]] - search type
  • [[name]] - name of search result
  • [[recordcount]] - number of records returned by OFAC search
  • [[now]] - Current date

Example: "Search type : [[entity]] , Search for : [[name]], Records returned : [[recordcount]], Date :[[now]]"

line template Template of how "body" of results will be returned. Default template will be used if empty.

variables that can be used include:

  • [[index]] - index number
  • [[id]] - OFAC ID for result
  • [[name]] - OFAC name for result
  • [[type]] - OFAC type for result
  • [[alias]] - other aliases used
  • [[details]] - returns OFAC designation for entity returned, including date updated in OFAC database
  • [[score]] - percentage score of result match (for example, in the above example, the "company name" Boko Haram returned a 100% match. An organization with the name Bozo Haram will return an 88.9% match with Boko Haram.

In order to run an ad hoc OFAC check on a particular organization record, a Web_Page_View_Field must be created within the Organization custom fields. The content of the Web_Page_View_Field may be configured simiarly to the example shown below:


When using a Web_Page_View_Field, you have the option to 'Enable Save to Server' within the field settings. This will allow you to define an upload field on the organization profile where the stored PDF copy of the OFAC results will be saved when triggered.

Configuration - Watch List Scanning

SmartSimple, in partnership with our Watch List providers (CSI Web or Lexis Nexis) can provide access to additional third party services lists beyond the OFAC list. When utilizing these services, a contractual agreement must be established with one of the two integrated providers.  The account credentials you receive will be utilized within your instance of SmartSimple to establish the integration.

In Global Settings, under the Integrations tab, you will locate the Watch List Settings.

The Watch List Settings provide the ability to enter your billing id and password for the third party service you are utilizing. 

When utilizing CSI Web, there are settings to define the watch list(s) you wish to search against, and the scan threshold, which will dictate only being shown results that match or exceed the percentage match threshold.

The list of supported third party services with CSI Web includes: 

  • U.S. Bureau Of Industry and Security
  • Department of State - Bureau of International Security & *Nonproliferation list
  • Department of State - Defense Trade Controls Debarred Parties list
  • International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)
  • Politically Exposed Persons, CIA Foreign Officials
  • Office of Inspector General
  • Excluded Parties List System provided by the General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • FinCEN Money Services Business
  • World Bank Ineligible Firms
  • Terrorist Exclusion List
  • FBI Most Wanted Fugitives

When utilizing Lexis Nexis, the settings for which watch list services will be included in each scan, along with threshold settings, will be managed within your Lexis Nexis account and not within the SmartSimple instance.

Returning information from Watch List

The syntax for configuring the Watch List check is as follows:

@ssGet(ServiceName,entity;;firstname;;lastname;;search options;;roleslist;;meta template;;line template;;additional search attribute)@

The ServiceName is dependent on which third party service you are utilizing:

CSI Web: WatchList
Lexis Nexis: LexisNexis

The line template portion of the syntax allows you to include unique values and parameters in the scan criteria, such as date of birth or country. These values and the variables that correspond to them are unique to CSI Web and Lexis Nexis and will require reviewing the individual service provider's fields and available options.

@parent.client.xml.Board of Directors XML.boardDirectors.boardDirectorsAdd[#$ssGet(WatchList,company;;owner;;;;3;;Grant Seeker,Executive Director,Board Member;;
<strong>Board Member Search:</strong> ~Name.nodevalue~<br />Matches Found: [[recordcount]];;
Result ID Name Type Alias Details Score
index id name type alias details score
;;unparsedname=~Name.nodevalue~)$#]@<br /><br />
@ssGet(LexisNexis,people;;@firstname@;;@lastname@;;1;;;;<strong>Applicant Search:</strong> @firstname@ @lastname@<br />Matches Found: [[recordcount]];;
Result ID Name Type Alias Details Score alias details score

Configuration - U.S. Census Online Database

@ssGet(FFD,FIPS;;@address@ @city@ @state@)@
@ssGet(FFD,Profile;;year;;Address or FIPS code;;level;;[[template]])@
(See Census Integration for detailed description of syntax.)
(See List of census templates for links to full list of values for [[template]])

Configuration - Janus


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