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ssEncrypt and ssEncrypt2 can be used to dynamically generate an encrypted token when creating URLs to access other entities with SmartSimple.

Tokens are created using two different encryption methods. Accordingly, either ssEncrypt or ssEncrypt2 are used, depending on which entity is involved:

Level 1 template page token


Level 2 template page token


When encrypting parameters in an internet enabled level 2 template (in the url /ex/ex_Evtpage.jsp) it is recommended ssEncrypt2 be used.

  • Instead of using 'eventid' as a parameter, use 'codedid'
  • Instead of using 'parentids' as a parameter, use 'enparentids'



Web Page View token


Example: To open the Web Page View with custom field ID 123456 on a contact you would use the following syntax:

<input type=button class=Button  value="Open" onclick="_openpageview('123456','<ssEncrypt2>@userid@</ssEncrypt2>',1)" >
Note: if you have URL Parameter Encryption enabled, the custom field ID must be encrypted as well using ssEncrypt3. If custom field 654321 is on a Level 1:
<input type=button class=Button  value="Open" onclick="_openpageview('<ssEncrypt3>654321</ssEncrypt3>','<ssEncrypt2>@opportunityid@</ssEncrypt2>',1)" >

Contact Role Intersection (Level 1)


Example (custom field located on the Level 1 UTA role):

<input type=button class="Button" onclick="javascript:openRoleFields('<ssEncrypt2>@oprid@</ssEncrypt2>',@roleid@)" value="My Vote"/>
function openRoleFields(objectid,roleid){
fieldid_window ='/s_editcustomfields.jsp?
fieldid_window.opener = window;

Transaction token


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