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Notes Overview

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* Underneath those two icons, you will see the available '''Search Options, '''which can be filtered by either or both '''Note Type '''and '''From/To '''Dates 
===Contents of Notes===
Each note will appear in its own box, with the following details: 
* An '''Edit Notes '''icon on the left ([[Image:EditNoteIcon.png|link=]])
<pre> For security purposes, no user can edit ''''another edit another user's Notes .</pre>==Configuration - Advanced== :: [[Image:NotesTab.png|link=|300px|border]]Notes are date==Pre- and time-stamped and also stamped with the username of the user that created them. Notes can be edited by the user that created the Note. For these notes, the Edit Notes icon ([[Image:EditNoteIcon.png|linkOptions ===]]) will be visible. For security purposesWhen you create a note, no user you can edit another userchoose to configure '''s pre-created NotesOptions '''The Notes tab will include a count impact is that the user who sees this note can select initial content for the note instead of the notes attached, manually and this will change personally typing in real time as notes are added and deleted. [[Image:NotesCountthe content.png|link=]]  In order to print a list of all Notes attached to an object, click on After the "Expand" button to see a list of all content is selected from the notesoptions, it can then click "Print Previewbe edited." [[Image:Expanded NotesThe options are displayed only when a note is first created; after saving, they are no longer available.png|link=|450px]] 
<pre> The expanded list pre-created Options are a good method of enforcing a standardized Templates for your Notes can also be filtered by Note typefeature.</pre> 
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