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<!--* '''[[Talent Management]]''' - Organizations worldwide use [[SmartSimple]]'s talent management software as a service to assess, acquire, develop and align their workforce in relation to overarching strategic objectives. We recognize that an effective talent management strategy involves the integration of diverse HR initiatives such as recruitment, retention, employee engagement, leadership development, and succession planning. SmartSimple's talent management solution is used by both recruitment and employment agencies as well as individual companies of all sizes. Our clients appreciate that we understand the importance of talented and engaged employees as they are considered by many business leaders to be the only true source of differentiation in today's competitive marketplace. This makes talent management a major tactical business issue, and the top issue facing HR management.-->
'''Interested in learning more?'''Visit the '''[ For additional SmartSimple website]''' for more information please visit about who we are, our websitesolutions and how we work with you. You can also '''[ request a demo]''', call us toll-free at 1.866.239.0991 or '''[ email]''' our sales team directly.

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