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Sometimes you want to know how to configure something in your SmartSimple system. Sometimes you just want to know why a particular feature, or upgrade of a current function is useful or important. So, to help you more easily navigate our Wiki, we've added two new categories: '''[[:Category:How|How]]''' and '''[[:Category:Why|Why]]'''. '''[[:Category:How|How]]''' tells you how to configure (techy stuff) our features, and '''[[:Category:Why|Why]]''' tells you the advantages (non-techy stuff) of using our features. You can either search these categories or you can click on the links at the top and bottom of each article page to go from one topic to the other.
'''Vertical Market SolutionsWhere We Work'''
The SmartSimple software is a unique cloud-based platform supports many that works within three specific vertical market
* '''[[Collaborative Case Grants Management]]''' - [[Use SmartSimple]]to manage your entire grants lifecycle with '''s collaborative case [ accelerates resolution while reducing the case management costs-software. html Virtual case files are easy GMS360<sup>o</sup>]''', from application to create and manage through a powerful combination of personalizable case templates and advanced document creation and management featurespost-award monitoring. Read about us in the Idealware report, "'''[[Role]]'s-A-Consumers-Guide-based collaboratives bring together all stakeholders to address matters-Grants-Management-Software-2013-Excerpt. And predefined pdf A Consumer's Guide to Grants Management Software"]''' or see the '''[[Workflows|workflows full report]] can accelerate analysis, resolution, and archiving.'''
* '''[[Medical Case Research Management]]''' - Research funders use '''[[SmartSimple] RMS360<sup>o</sup>]'s cloud computing solution is used collaboratively by insurance companies and their private medical partners. A unique aspect of [[SmartSimple]]'s Medical Case Management software is its ability ' to securely share case information between the different assessment manage all aspects of their programs and care providers. This feature allows insurance companies and related agencies to share information when neededgrants, but only permits them from drafting the initial proposal to see the information they need; confidential information about clients remains confidential. [[SmartSimple]] provides seamless and full integration across all critical care management functionsfinal funding.
* '''[[Research and Grants Case Management]]''' - [[Service providers and insurers easily collaborate using SmartSimple]]'s collaborative grants, awards and project tracking '''[ solution is a comprehensive -software solution that is delivered over the internet. It is designed to track and manage any and all relevant aspects of the grant making life cycle including but not limited to: proposal submission, transitioning proposals into awards, award tracking, administration processing, and flexible financial reporting. With SmartSimple, you stand to increase operational efficiencies, achieve regulatory compliance, and drive accountability and transparency throughout your organizationhtml CMS360<sup>o</sup>]'''s grant making process.
<!--* '''Property Management''' - [[SmartSimple]] Realty Solutions is a leading provider of integrated web-based solutions for the global real estate market. Our solutions focus on building level administration, operations and communications, and are scalable to any size or type of property including: Condominiums, co-ops and community associations, Residential rental properties, Commercial, recreational and campus facilities. [[SmartSimple]] Realty Solutions is recognized by several of North America's leading builders, management and security companies as an indispensable tool for implementing best practices, improving operational efficiency and property communications.
* '''Insurance CarriersGSA Advantage and GovCloud''' - SmartSimple is a '''[[SmartSimple GSA Advantage]] offers two solutions to insurers ''' approved supplier and independent insurer adjusters. The first offers complete functionality which includes but is not limited authorized toconnect with the '''[http: reporting, referral management, applicant tracking, e// broadcasts and webforms. The lite solution primarily acts as a form submission portal that automates the insurance claim workflow processus/ AWS GovCloud]'''.
<!--* '''[[Talent Management]]''' - Organizations worldwide use [[SmartSimple]]'s talent management software as a service to assess, acquire, develop and align their workforce in relation to overarching strategic objectives. We recognize that an effective talent management strategy involves the integration of diverse HR initiatives such as recruitment, retention, employee engagement, leadership development, and succession planning. SmartSimple's talent management solution is used by both recruitment and employment agencies as well as individual companies of all sizes. Our clients appreciate that we understand the importance of talented and engaged employees as they are considered by many business leaders to be the only true source of differentiation in today's competitive marketplace. This makes talent management a major tactical business issue, and the top issue facing HR management.-->

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