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'''Welcome to the SmartSimple Wiki'''
This Hello and welcome to the SmartSimple Wiki contains a complete ! Here, you will find everything you need to know to configure and use your SmartSimple system. This ever-expanding library of technical information about the SmartSimple platform. If you are more interested articles is updated regularly to include new functionality and features as we continue to evolve in details of how the platform is used in various markets, you should visit, our websitecloud.
'''BackgroundExploring our Wiki'''
Since 2002Articles are searchable alphabetically (A to Z) or by category (e.g. Custom Field Types, HCAI, SmartSimple has worked with our customers and partners to create a '''Solutions Platform''' that we collectively believe reflects how organizations will interact in the 21st CenturyNotes, etc.)
By listening You can also go directly to the links for our customers, we have collectively created a system for intra- and inter-organization interaction and collaboration[[http://wiki.smartsimple. Today we offer world class, browser-based software, which can be configured com/wiki/Category:Video|Video Library]] to meet the workflow needs of specific verticals see our latest instructional and the functional needs of any organizationinformative, .

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