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The SmartSimple platform supports many vertical market solutions.
* '''[[Collaborative Case Management]]''' - [[SmartSimple]]'s collaborative case management accelerates resolution while reducing the case management costs. Virtual case files are easy to create and manage through a powerful combination of customizable personalizable case templates and advanced document creation and management features. [[Role]]-based collaboratives bring together all stakeholders to address matters. And predefined [[Workflows|workflows]] can accelerate analysis, resolution, and archiving.
* '''[[Medical Case Management]]''' - [[SmartSimple]]'s cloud computing solution is used collaboratively by insurance companies and their private medical partners. A unique aspect of [[SmartSimple]]'s Medical Case Management software is its ability to securely share case information between the different assessment and care providers. This feature allows insurance companies and related agencies to share information when needed, but only permits them to see the information they need; confidential information about clients remains confidential. [[SmartSimple]] provides seamless and full integration across all critical care management functions.

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