Reporting on Custom Fields

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There is a pre-built report that provides a list of all custom fields you have added to your copy of SmartSimple. You will find this report in the report category of "Custom Fields."

When you run this report it will generate a list of all custom fields in the system. The following columns are available:

  • Display Order – order of the field on the object.
  • Object Entity – related object – role, UTA level object, event etc.
  • Tab Name – the tab name in the object for this field.
  • Field Name – name of the field.
  • Field Caption – the caption of the field. If the caption is blank then the field name is used for display purposes.
  • Field Type – One of the 50+ SmartSimple field types.
  • Field IDInternal ID number for the field.

If you need to use this data in MS Excel, click the Show All button, select all the records and copy and paste into MS Excel.

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