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Watch this video to get an general overview of the new features in our November 2012 upgrade.

Watch this video to get an technical overview of the November 2012 upgrade.

The following features were implemented as part of the upgrade cycle which commenced in November 2012

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Universal Tracking Application

  • New Duplicate Check Settings tab added on Level 1 templates.
  • New ability added to configure multiple submit buttons on Level 1, 2 and 3 with varying visibility conditions that move the record to various statuses.

Standard and Custom Fields

  • The Level 1 Branch standard field can be configured to allow external companies as well as internal companies.
  • A new Middle Name standard field on contacts.
  • Dynamic Data and Select One – Combo Box custom fields can now be manifested as radio buttons.
  • Prefix/Suffix standard fields on Contacts can now be customized as drop-down boxes.


  • System variables can now be used on report criteria.
  • New report added to Usage Statistics category: Maximum Concurrent External Users (shows maximum amount of users logged in per month) - (can be added on demand).
  • New "Enable Translation" feature added to Advanced Report Settings to allow report headers to use translation options in language library.


  • The "From" address in workflow emails can now be configured using variables.


  • The autoloader is being enhanced substantially as part of this upgrade, including features such as:
  • Strict CSV - ability to autoload data that contains line breaks within the content.
  • Pre-processing files - ability to combine multiple columns into a single field value.
  • Retrieval from external sources - ability to schedule automated workflows to retrieve data from external sources via Web Services, FTP, SFTP, HTTP file access.
  • Workflow triggering – ability to trigger user or company workflows on every record upon autoloading.


  • A Manager Permission has been added to enable a "Save Draft" button on company and contact records.
  • Additional instance data available in "Records Storage Summary" hyperlink in Global Settings pertaining to Database and File Storage size.
  • Variables displaying save and submit buttons ("@SYSTEMBUTTONS@") now available for level 2 and 3 template pages.
  • New Timezone option to replace "Time Difference in Hours" offset in Personal Settings page.
  • Basic search allows for searches based on type.
  • Loading a list view now defaults to last set of search criteria used.