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Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the January 2014 upgrade to your server:

New Feature - PDF Annotation

  • SmartSimple now allows you to add annotations to uploaded PDF documents on the fly. When the "Enable Annotation" option is selected on a multiple-file upload field, PDF documents uploaded to that field can be commented and marked up. Comments, drawings, text strike-throughs and highlights can be added to any PDF without any downloads or browser plug-ins required.

Simplified Auditing of Contact/Company Records

  • Two new standard fields, "Created By" and "Created Date," have been added to contact and company records. Now system administrators can more easily configure their system to stamp a contact or company record with the creator and creation date of the record.

Simplified Owner Assignment Configuration

  • The ability to restrict the assignment of contacts to the Level 2 "Owner" standard field to a given set of roles has been added to the system.

Now Able to Translate Prefix/Suffix Options

  • System administrators can now pre-define lists of prefixes and suffixes for user names in multiple languages.

Enhancements to PubMed Search

  • Enhanced PubMed service with the additional ability to search on PubMed ID and author affiliation.
  • Keywords search field enabled to search records by PubMed ID or Author Affiliation.
  • The Author Affiliation can be mapped to a field as "authoraffil" (this is now available in the Common Service Fields list). The author affiliation field for the last author is populated onto the record.
  • Added tooltip for Author and Keywords field

Group Email to Unique Recipients

  • On the group email page, a "Unique Recipients" checkbox option has been added. If this is checked, emails will be sent out once per user.
  • Note that any variable in the email template that is linked to single Level 1 record will not work if this option is selected.

Simplification of Settings Pages

  • The UTA Settings pages have been streamlined by reorganizing certain settings options to the standard field configuration pages:

From the main Settings page:

  1. "Filter People Based on Company"
  2. "Filter Owner Based on Company"
  3. "Enable Branch Lookup"
  4. "Enable External company for Level 1 Branch Standard Field"

From the Security Settings page:

  1. "Default Contact Lookups based on Level One Company"
  2. "Default Company Lookup Category"
  3. "Contact Assignment Role Settings"
  4. "Company Assignment Role Settings"
  5. "Standard Contact Lookup Role Settings"
  6. "Level One Company Lookup Category Settings"

From the Entity Settings page:

  1. "Enable External Owners"

These settings can now be configured by configuring the relevant standard fields ("Branch," "Owner," "Person," etc.).