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The following features were implemented as part of the upgrade cycle commencing in April 2013:

Universal Tracking Application

  • An "Available Templates" setting on the level 2 type page has been added. When a new level 2 type is created, this setting allows the user to select the level 1 templates for which the new level 2 type should be available.
  • For fields of type “Select Many – Check Boxes” a new “Sort Values To Display Vertically” setting has been added. This setting allows the user to select whether multiple columns of values should be ordered horizontally or vertically.
    The example below illustrates how values (designated "A" through "F") would be displayed if a checkbox field were to be configured with two columns:
“Sort Values To Display Vertically”
setting is Unchecked:
“Sort Values To Display Vertically”
setting is Checked:
  • On the Security tab of the UTA settings, a new setting has been added that, when enabled, will hide the user name on the Locked Record alert from the selected roles. The name of the user who has checked out a given record will be replaced with the text "another user" on the Locked Record alert. The setting caption is "Anonymize Record Lock Owner Role Settings."


User/Company Signup Pages

  • A setting has been added to the user and company sign up pages that disables updating the user or company if an existing match is found.
  • The ability to easily configure a hybrid signup page has been enhanced. A drop-down select box has been added to the company sign-up page configuration that allows you to choose an existing contact sign-up page template to use. In the HTML template of the company sign-up page, the @USER_INPUT_FORM@ SmartSimple variable can be added to retrieve the user sign up form.

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