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Why.jpeg This article will explain why this feature is a benefit to your organization.

The PDF Parser is especially useful for those in the following roles:

  • Applicants or reviewers using grant application forms in  regions with poor Internet connectivity.
  • Program Officers who prefer to write recommendations in a form online.
  • C-Level or board members who perform reviews, but prefer not to log into the system.

This is a versatile feature that can be used a number of ways by your team. For example, within Granting Configurations, your staff can generate a PDF, then email it to an applicant or reviewer that has poor Internet connectivity. The applicant or reviewer can then complete the PDF offline and email it back..

In Case Management configurations, the PDF Parser is  useful for users, such as medical staff, who may be performing evaluations offline and in multiple locations (hospital, clinic, clients's home, etc.) The PDF Parser means they only need to complete the evaluation one time and, once submitted to the insurer, doesn't need to be re-entered by administrative staff at the other end.

Even if you're working in an area with no Internet access, you can still fill out your PDF once it's been downloaded to your desktop, and the information entered in your PDF will be automatically entered into your system once it's been re-uploaded.

For example, if you've uploaded a Site Visit PDF, a Level 2 record called "Site Visit" will be created with a "submitted" status. The new Level 2 record will be populated with data that you've entered (e.g. summary, eligibility answers, evaluation, etc.)