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Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents uploaded to SmartSimple can be edited directly from the system, rather than having to download, edit and upload each document. When you save the file from within the application that you are using it will be uploaded to SmartSimple automatically.

While you are editing the file, it will be marked as "checked out" so no one else will be able to edit the file at the same time.

When enabled, clicking on an Edit button next to the uploaded file will launch the file in the Microsoft application. All versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are supported. When the edits have been made, and the file is saved, the edits will be reflected in the document saved to the Smart Folder or custom field.

Before You Begin

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5

Enabling Online Editing

Download the application

Firstly, download the Online Editing application from the Help > Downloads link:
Install the application on each computer that will be using the Online Editing feature:
Next, run the application to enter your user credentials: (This only needs to be completed the first time you install Online Editing on your machine)
. OnlineEditSettingConfig.png

  • User Name: the user name that you use to log into SmartSimple (typically, your email address).
  • Password: the password you use to log into SmartSimple.
  • Alias: the alias for your copy of SmartSimple can be found in Global Settings
  • URL: the URL for your copy of SmartSimple (example:
  • SSL: if the URL in the address bar of your browser is prefaced with "https:" when you log in to SmartSimple, check this box.

Fill in all of the applicable field and click the Validate Login button to confirm that the credentials have been entered correctly.

Enable Online Editing from Global Settings

Now, enable the Online Editing feature in Global Settings:
Business and System Configuration Online Editing.png

When Online Editing is enabled, the Edit button will appear next to all files uploaded to Smart Folders:

Enable Online Editing on Individual Custom Fields

On each custom field to which you can upload files (Link – Single File and Link – Multiple Files field types), edit the field and check off Enable Online Editing for the fields on which you want to enable editing.

For those fields, the Edit icon will now be visible next to the field.

Editing documents

When the Edit button or icon is clicked next to an editable document, you will be prompted to open the document. You will note that the suffix "_m.ssdoc" has been added to the filename.

  • Note: Your browser and security settings control the options, if the file can opened immediately or must be saved to your machine first. You may see one of the following:

Ssdoc extension.png



Click Open, Save, or OK as appropriate and the file will be opened in your computer's version of Word, Excel or PowerPoint (depending on the file type being edited.)

Now make your edits, and when the file is saved in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, the "_m.ssdoc" extension will automatically save the file back into the record within SmartSimple.