Newsletter June 2005 Issue 13

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New Services

Automated Processing of Incoming Email Resumes

If you simply want SmartSimple to convert incoming email resume attachments into on-line searchable resumes you can use our new resume-processing feature.

This is the simplest feature you can imagine.

  • You forward your company's resume email address to a designated SmartSimple email address. We set up this email address and the candidate never sees this email address.
  • Each email is processed and all the attachments are uploaded and indexed for high speed searching within the ATS.
  • Resumes can be in Word, PDF, HTML or RTF format.

This service is available for $100 per email address supported per month.

New Features

On-Line File Editing

You can now edit files on-line rather than having to download, edit and upload. When you save the file it will be uploaded to SmartSimple automatically and while you are editing the file it will be checked out so no one else will be able to edit the file at the same time.

This feature will work with almost all file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image files, etc. You can apply this feature to files stored in SmartFolders, files embedded in applications and, if you are using Applicant Tracking, resumes stored with the applicant.

In order to use this feature you will need to download and run a program called Online Editing - this file is stored in the Help, Downloads section of your copy of SmartSimple.

New Field Types

To further enhance the product flexibility we have added some new custom field types.

  • People Lookup Fields - so you can add a link to any person in any application.
  • Time Fields - so you can time activities down to the second.

Both these features are being added based on feedback at our customer open house - we are always listening so be sure to keep those suggestions coming.


Our Toronto classroom is fully operational and courses are scheduled between now and October, 2008.

Click on the links below to see the course outlines and 2008 training schedule. Please contact if you would like to register.

Training Course Outlines

Training Dates 2008